Six quesitons you will be asked when you sourcing the LED emergency battery kit

LED emergency battery kit

When you sourcing the best appropriate LED emergency battery kit, there are six questions you need to prepare the answers in advance.

As the supplier will surely ask you this LED lighting information.

Firstly, what is the LED type you want to add an emergency battery power kit?

You should tell the factory whether your LED light is an LED tube, an LED bulb with an LED driver built inside. Or an LED downlight, an LED ceiling light with an LED driver outside.

Why this is important?

Because the supplier needs to know if you need a full output power LED emergency driver or energy-saving driver.

If you do not know the difference between these two types of LED emergency drivers.

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Secondly, what is the emergency power you want?

Or what power you want your LED light work when there is a main power failure?

The most LED emergency driver has an emergency power range, the emergency power can be adjusted based on your requirement.

But there are fixed LED emergency power drivers for option with a battery pack built together.

Many clients will ask for specific emergency power when they sourcing the LED emergency battery backup kit product.


Thirdly, how long emergency the duration time you want to achieve?

We think you must already have the answer when you decide to buy the LED emergency pack products.

The different LED light project has a different requirement on the emergency duration time.

If the LED emergency light installed incase of government inspection, the emergency time is 90 minutes usually.

If the LED emergency light is installed at a construction site for providing light for workers, then the emergency time may need to 3 hours at least.

Anyway, it all depends on your needs, and you can customize the emergency light duration time.


Fourth, What is the DC output voltage range on the LED driver?

There is always a DC output voltage range displayed on the LED driver.

You should tell your supplier what the LED driver DC output voltage range is.

Getting the DC output voltage range, the LED emergency kit supplier can calculate the LED driver’s current.

Then the supplier can recommend the corresponding LED emergency driver.


Fifth, What is the LED light’s current?

The LED emergency driver has a maximum current limit for the LED light, so it would be much better if you know the light current.

Usually, you can find the current on the LED driver also.


Sixth, What environment will the LED emergency light to be installed?

Some clients will install the LED emergency light in a wet environment, while some clients will install the LED emergency power kit in a high-temperature room.

It is pretty important to know the LED emergency light working environment.

If the LED emergency light close to the wet weather, then you should add a waterproof case to cover the LED emergency driver and battery pack.

If the LED emergency light installed in a high-temperature room, then you should consider using the LiFePO4 battery pack as the power supply or even high-temperature battery packs.


So above we listed all six things we should keep in mind when sourcing the LED emergency battery kit from China, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.