Ultimate Guide: how to choose an appropriate LED emergency battery backup kit?

LED emergency power kit

The LED emergency battery backup kit has been an essential part of the developing the LED lighting industry.

All kinds of LED light emerge on the market, they are innovative and functional.

With LED lighting becomes the main lighting source, for the public’s safety, many countries’ governments published new policies.

It require a minimum percentage of LED lighting fixture should install the LED emergency battery backup kit.

The LED emergency battery backup kit is mainly installed in public areas like schools, subway stations, hotels.

And any other places that need battery packs to power the LED lamps when there is a power failure.

So many LED lighting manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and construction companies need the LED emergency conversion kit.

But most of them know little about how to pick the right LED emergency power kit.

Many LED lighting businessmen think it is a complicated product.

They ask their LED lamp supplier to install the emergency power kit for them, which increased their procurement cost.

But in this blog, I will introduce more about the LED emergency power kit.

The LED emergency power kit has a full power output version and an energy-saving version.

The full power output version means the LED emergency power kit output the same power as the LED light power.

The energy-saving version means the LED emergency driver will power the LED light at a power-saving mode.

Such as if your LED light power is 18W,

the LED emergency driver will power your LED lamp at 5W power when there is an AC power outage.

At this time, many clients may have a doubt:

why it can work at 5W power in emergency mode while the LED light is 18W in fact?

That is a good question.

The full power output emergency kit is different from the energy-saving emergency kit in the wiring diagram.

LED emergency battery backup kit LED emergency battery backup kit

As the above wiring diagram shows:

The full power emergency power kit will power up the LED driver first with 100% full power first, then the LED driver power the LED lighting fixture.

But the energy-saving power kit will power up to the LED board directly, so it works as a LED driver and can output a lower power.

As long as the emergency driver output the same DC voltage as an LED driver, then it can work normally.

That is the reason why we need to know the DC output voltage on the LED driver when we chose the appropriate emergency kit for you.

So when your LED tube or LED bulb needs the emergency battery kit, you need to use the full power version.

As the LED tube and LED bulb have the driver built inside, so the LED emergency driver has to power up the driver first, then the LED driver can have the power to power up the LED tube or bulb.

Unlike the LED tube or LED bulb, the LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED tri-proof light, LED linear light and LED downlight, etc. are have the LED driver outside, so they can use both full emergency power and energy-saving version.

Usually, if your LED light has the driver outside, you will be advised to use an energy-saving LED emergency driver for saving more battery capacity as we all know higher battery capacity will cost more.

Each complete LED emergency battery backup kit main contains an LED emergency driver and a battery pack 2 parts.

Sometimes there needs an outer box to contain the LED emergency driver and battery together for easy installation.

The LED emergency battery pack is essential for the LED emergency kit product.

So what kind of battery should use for your LED emergency kit?

For this question, you can visit our another blog for a detailed explanation:

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?


Then how to find the appropriate LED emergency driver or how to read the emergency driver’s key specifications?

As we said above, the LED bulb and tube will work at full emergency power while the LED light with outside LED drivers can work at energy-saving power in an emergency situation.

So firstly you need to decide which kind of LED emergency driver you’d like to use.

You can simply learn the emergency driver’s type by learning about its wiring diagram.

Secondly, you should check what the LED emergency driver’s output power range is.

Some LED emergency drivers to have fixed emergency power, while some have an emergency power range.

So you need to find out if the emergency power range can meet your requirements or not.

Such as you want a 35w emergency power when there is a main power failure, but the emergency driver can only support 1-12W power, then it can not meet your needs.

Thirdly, you should pay attention to the DC output range on the LED emergency driver.

If the output range is narrow than your LED driver DC output, then this emergency driver may not fit your LED lighting.

Fourthly, you’d better check the maximum current the LED emergency driver can support.


After you find the right appropriate LED emergency driver.

You need to tell your supplier how long the emergency time you desire when there is a power outage.

In most countries’ policy, the emergency time is 90mins at least.

But if the LED emergency light is used for some special purpose, you need to tell your supplier the emergency duration time.

Then your supplier can calculate and provide the best battery pack for you.


And sometimes there is need an outer box to have the LED emergency driver and battery pack installed inside for a special installation environment.

There are the small metal boxes, big metal boxes, aluminum boxes, waterproof box, and explosion-proof boxes, etc.

But the outer box is not a must-have accessory, it all depends on your needs.