How to ship the LED emergency battery pack?

LED emergency battery pack

We met many LED lighting fixture importers and construction companies from all over the world who interested in our LED emergency battery pack and want to add the LED emergency kit into their LED light.

But they are concern a thing: how to import the LED emergency battery pack?

Or can the LED emergency battery pack be shipped successfully to their countries?

The answer is YES.

Even though the battery product is indeed more sensitive than other product when comes to ship product abroad.

But we still have the solution for ship them out successfully, if not, there will no battery can get out of China.

So today let us explain how we usually delivery the LED emergency battery pack to all the countries abroad.

And we want you to get to know which way you can choose when shipping your own battery packs to your place.

Some countries can import the battery product easily while some countries are strict with battery products. So we will use different shipping way for different countries.

Normally, we will decide a shipping method mainly based on three parts:
  1. Safety.

    In most situations, we will take safety as a priority. As some countries may have a strict custom clearance policy, we will recommend the safest shipping method to ship the LED emergency battery pack even when it is a little more expensive in the shipping fee sometimes.

  2. Client’s delivery date.

    We have encountered that many clients did not place the order in time, and then there is very limited time for their LED lighting project. In this time, we will use a faster but more costing method to ship the products.

  3. Shipping cost.

    If there is enough time for transferring the products, we will surely advise our customer to ship the product in a more economical way.

Ok, so what is the normally used ship method in delivering the LED emergency battery pack?

They mainly include:

    1. DHL, FedEx, UPS
    2. By air
    3. Marine shipping
    4. Express line

DHL, FedEx, and UPS can ship the product so fast, it takes 4-5 days to arrive at the destination and can be tracked online during transfer.

But the shipping cost is the most expensive among all the shipping methods. And these shipping companies have a strict shipping package on dangerous products like battery packs sometimes.

UPS asks all the battery pack should be put in the UN dangerous cartons. This kind of carton has a strong anti-extrusion capacity.

We will advise customer ship via DHL, UPS if there is not much quantity.

But not all countries support this fast shipping method.

For those countries that can not use DHL UPS, we will ship the LED emergency battery pack by air.

Air shipping can reach almost all countries all over the world, because as long as the country has an airport, then the goods can be delivered.

However, there is a drawback to this kind of shipping way.

The package can be delivered to the airport only, the customer needs to pick up the products at the airport and do the customs clearance by themselves.

What’s more, it has a minimum shipping weight of your package, in other words, the shipping will calculate the shipping cost at 45kg even if it is not more than 45kg in fact.

Even so, many of our customers are willing to this shipping method as it is safe and not expensive at the same time.


By boat is another excellent way to ship the LED emergency battery products when you have other products like the LED lighting fixtures to ship together.

Shipping by marine has a little strict with battery products as long as the supplier can provide the required certificate to prove the battery is safe.

At the same time, marine shipping is the most cost-effective shipping way.


Express line is another perfect way to ship the battery products.

If the package shipped by express line, you don’t need to worry about the custom clearance questions, the shipping company will deal with it.  And they have required to deliver the whole package to your location.

But there is a disadvantage of the express line, the package can not be tracked online before the goods arrive at the destination country. Some clients may feel nervous about it.


Below I will list the main shipping method for some countries:

 Southeast Asia Countries: 

Express Line Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, Pakistan
By air Kazakhstan, Moscow, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Brunei


Africa countries:

Express Line Nigeria
By air Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, the Sudan, Egypt, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Kenya , South Africa


South America Countries:

By air Peru, Panama, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Santiago, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina


The Middle East Countries:

Express Line Ukraine, Dubai, Iran, Bengal, Saudi Arabia,
By air Egypt, Turkey


European Countries:

Express Line Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Czech, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand


Above we introduced the difference between each shipping method.

But we still have some more advice for shipping the LED emergency battery products:

1. If you have the LED lighting fixture to need to be shipped by boat, then the best way is to ship the battery products together with your lighting fixture. It’s very safe and cheap in the shipping costs.

2. You can also use by boat shipping even if you do not have other LED lighting product to ship together as long as you can accept the delivery date.

3. There is a difference between battery packs and built-in battery packs. Every shipping company will ask if our battery packs installed into a device or not.

In general, if the battery pack built inside a device, the battery kit can be considered as a part of the whole device, which will have much less strict in shipping.

So when it is difficult to ship the battery pack sometimes for some countries, we will encourage our customers to send their LED light to our factory and installed the LED emergency kit by our worker, and ship the LED light out.

And if you do not have LED light needed to be shipped together, sometimes you can order an extra metal box or waterproof box to cover the LED emergency driver and battery pack.LED Emergency Battery pack

With a metal box, you can set the LED emergency conversion kit fixed beside your LED lamp, and connect them just by a plugin.

If you are going to use the LED emergency starter kit on the construction site, or your LED Light fixture does not have enough space for the LED emergency driver and battery pack, then we highly recommend this installation method.