Do you know the most cost-effective LED tri-proof emergency battery kit

tri-proof emergency battery kit

LED tri-proof light is widely used in the indoor parking lot,  gymnasium, factory, and other public offices. Many customers are asking for the LED tri-proof emergency battery kit.

So the majority of LED tri-proof light need to add an emergency battery backup kit.

Usually, some LED tri-proof light needs to install a 12W emergency module kit, which can enable the tri-proof light work at 12W power when there is an AC power failure.

But in some cases, we do not need that high consumption power for emergency using. Such as, some LED emergency light is just required by the government.

So today I will share with you a cost-effective emergency solution for your LED tri-proof light.


Just as the above picture shows, we can install a single separate LED strip below the main luminaire. The emergency power supply powers the separate LED strip, not the main LED strip.

This means that when the main power is down, the separate LED strip (see: “This led strip” in red ballon below) in the emergency luminaires starts to burn and is powered by the emergency kit.

The LED driver is powered by the AC power through the gland on one side of the luminaire; the emergency kit is to be powered by a second supply of AC power through the gland on the other side of the luminaire.

Not the main led strip of the luminaire is powered by the emergency kit, ONLY the separate led strip.

What’s more, by adding the emergency solution like this way, the emergency kit will not affect your main luminaries. It is a separate emergency kit in the light.

And the electrician don’t need to worry about the wiring diagram at the same time.


In this case, we can use our best cost-effective emergency driver to power the LED strip.

led emergency strip


This LED emergency driver has the battery built inside, compact and can save installation space.

The emergency kit can power the LED strip at 3-4W power for 1.5 hrs or 3hrs.


This emergency solution can not only be used on the LED tri-proof light, but it can be used on other LED lights also.

For example, it can stick to LED linear light, LED panel light, LED tube.

So if you like this emergency solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.