What is Maintained and non-maintained LED emergency light

LED emergency block

If you want to buy an LED emergency light, you must wonder what is the difference between maintained and non-maintained emergency light.

Here I will simply explain the difference between them.

Usually, fire Emergency lamps are the lamps and lanterns that provide lighting and signs for evacuation and fire fighting operations, including fire emergency lighting lamps and fire emergency sign lamps.

According to the different working modes, there are maintained and non-maintained lamps.

The maintained emergency light means the light source is in power-saving lighting mode under normal AC power working conditions, and the light source is switched into emergency lighting mode under fire or other emergency conditions, the light will be powered by the battery pack.

Non-maintained emergency light will not light on when there is normal AC power, and it will be turned on under fire or other emergency conditions.

In simple words, maintained emergency light will be light on in both regular and emergency situation. And non-maintained emergency light will be light on only when there is no AC power.