What is Maintained and non-maintained LED emergency light

If you want to buy an LED emergency light, you must wonder what is the difference between maintained and non-maintained emergency light.

Here I will simply explain the difference between them.

Usually, fire Emergency lamps are the lamps and lanterns that provide lighting and signs for evacuation and fire fighting operations, including fire emergency lighting lamps and fire emergency sign lamps.

According to the different working modes, there are maintained and non-maintained lamps.

The maintained emergency light means the light source is in power-saving lighting mode under normal AC power working conditions, and the light source is switched into emergency lighting mode under fire or other emergency conditions, the light will be powered by the battery pack.

Non-maintained emergency light will not light on when there is normal AC power, and it will be turned on under fire or other emergency conditions.

In simple words, maintained emergency light will be light on in both regular and emergency situation. And non-maintained emergency light will be light on only when there is no AC power.


Do you know the most cost-effective LED tri-proof emergency battery kit

LED tri-proof light is widely used in the indoor parking lot,  gymnasium, factory, and other public offices. Many customers are asking for the LED tri-proof emergency battery kit.

So the majority of LED tri-proof light need to add an emergency battery backup kit.

Usually, some LED tri-proof light needs to install a 12W emergency module kit, which can enable the tri-proof light work at 12W power when there is an AC power failure.

But in some cases, we do not need that high consumption power for emergency using. Such as, some LED emergency light is just required by the government.

So today I will share with you a cost-effective emergency solution for your LED tri-proof light.


Just as the above picture shows, we can install a single separate LED strip below the main luminaire. The emergency power supply powers the separate LED strip, not the main LED strip.

This means that when the main power is down, the separate LED strip (see: “This led strip” in red ballon below) in the emergency luminaires starts to burn and is powered by the emergency kit.

The LED driver is powered by the AC power through the gland on one side of the luminaire; the emergency kit is to be powered by a second supply of AC power through the gland on the other side of the luminaire.

Not the main led strip of the luminaire is powered by the emergency kit, ONLY the separate led strip.

What’s more, by adding the emergency solution like this way, the emergency kit will not affect your main luminaries. It is a separate emergency kit in the light.

And the electrician don’t need to worry about the wiring diagram at the same time.


In this case, we can use our best cost-effective emergency driver to power the LED strip.

led emergency strip


This LED emergency driver has the battery built inside, compact and can save installation space.

The emergency kit can power the LED strip at 3-4W power for 1.5 hrs or 3hrs.


This emergency solution can not only be used on the LED tri-proof light, but it can be used on other LED lights also.

For example, it can stick to LED linear light, LED panel light, LED tube.

So if you like this emergency solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to ship the LED emergency battery pack?

We met many LED lighting fixture importers and construction companies from all over the world who interested in our LED emergency battery pack and want to add the LED emergency kit into their LED light.

But they are concern a thing: how to import the LED emergency battery pack?

Or can the LED emergency battery pack be shipped successfully to their countries?

The answer is YES.

Even though the battery product is indeed more sensitive than other product when comes to ship product abroad.

But we still have the solution for ship them out successfully, if not, there will no battery can get out of China.

So today let us explain how we usually delivery the LED emergency battery pack to all the countries abroad.

And we want you to get to know which way you can choose when shipping your own battery packs to your place.

Some countries can import the battery product easily while some countries are strict with battery products. So we will use different shipping way for different countries.

Normally, we will decide a shipping method mainly based on three parts:
  1. Safety.

    In most situations, we will take safety as a priority. As some countries may have a strict custom clearance policy, we will recommend the safest shipping method to ship the LED emergency battery pack even when it is a little more expensive in the shipping fee sometimes.

  2. Client’s delivery date.

    We have encountered that many clients did not place the order in time, and then there is very limited time for their LED lighting project. In this time, we will use a faster but more costing method to ship the products.

  3. Shipping cost.

    If there is enough time for transferring the products, we will surely advise our customer to ship the product in a more economical way.

Ok, so what is the normally used ship method in delivering the LED emergency battery pack?

They mainly include:

    1. DHL, FedEx, UPS
    2. By air
    3. Marine shipping
    4. Express line

DHL, FedEx, and UPS can ship the product so fast, it takes 4-5 days to arrive at the destination and can be tracked online during transfer.

But the shipping cost is the most expensive among all the shipping methods. And these shipping companies have a strict shipping package on dangerous products like battery packs sometimes.

UPS asks all the battery pack should be put in the UN dangerous cartons. This kind of carton has a strong anti-extrusion capacity.

We will advise customer ship via DHL, UPS if there is not much quantity.

But not all countries support this fast shipping method.

For those countries that can not use DHL UPS, we will ship the LED emergency battery pack by air.

Air shipping can reach almost all countries all over the world, because as long as the country has an airport, then the goods can be delivered.

However, there is a drawback to this kind of shipping way.

The package can be delivered to the airport only, the customer needs to pick up the products at the airport and do the customs clearance by themselves.

What’s more, it has a minimum shipping weight of your package, in other words, the shipping will calculate the shipping cost at 45kg even if it is not more than 45kg in fact.

Even so, many of our customers are willing to this shipping method as it is safe and not expensive at the same time.


By boat is another excellent way to ship the LED emergency battery products when you have other products like the LED lighting fixtures to ship together.

Shipping by marine has a little strict with battery products as long as the supplier can provide the required certificate to prove the battery is safe.

At the same time, marine shipping is the most cost-effective shipping way.


Express line is another perfect way to ship the battery products.

If the package shipped by express line, you don’t need to worry about the custom clearance questions, the shipping company will deal with it.  And they have required to deliver the whole package to your location.

But there is a disadvantage of the express line, the package can not be tracked online before the goods arrive at the destination country. Some clients may feel nervous about it.


Below I will list the main shipping method for some countries:

 Southeast Asia Countries: 

Express Line Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, Pakistan
By air Kazakhstan, Moscow, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Brunei


Africa countries:

Express Line Nigeria
By air Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, the Sudan, Egypt, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Kenya , South Africa


South America Countries:

By air Peru, Panama, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Santiago, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina


The Middle East Countries:

Express Line Ukraine, Dubai, Iran, Bengal, Saudi Arabia,
By air Egypt, Turkey


European Countries:

Express Line Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Czech, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand


Above we introduced the difference between each shipping method.

But we still have some more advice for shipping the LED emergency battery products:

1. If you have the LED lighting fixture to need to be shipped by boat, then the best way is to ship the battery products together with your lighting fixture. It’s very safe and cheap in the shipping costs.

2. You can also use by boat shipping even if you do not have other LED lighting product to ship together as long as you can accept the delivery date.

3. There is a difference between battery packs and built-in battery packs. Every shipping company will ask if our battery packs installed into a device or not.

In general, if the battery pack built inside a device, the battery kit can be considered as a part of the whole device, which will have much less strict in shipping.

So when it is difficult to ship the battery pack sometimes for some countries, we will encourage our customers to send their LED light to our factory and installed the LED emergency kit by our worker, and ship the LED light out.

And if you do not have LED light needed to be shipped together, sometimes you can order an extra metal box or waterproof box to cover the LED emergency driver and battery pack.LED Emergency Battery pack

With a metal box, you can set the LED emergency conversion kit fixed beside your LED lamp, and connect them just by a plugin.

If you are going to use the LED emergency starter kit on the construction site, or your LED Light fixture does not have enough space for the LED emergency driver and battery pack, then we highly recommend this installation method.


Ultimate Guide: how to choose an appropriate LED emergency battery backup kit?

The LED emergency battery backup kit has been an essential part of the developing the LED lighting industry.

All kinds of LED light emerge on the market, they are innovative and functional.

With LED lighting becomes the main lighting source, for the public’s safety, many countries’ governments published new policies.

It require a minimum percentage of LED lighting fixture should install the LED emergency battery backup kit.

The LED emergency battery backup kit is mainly installed in public areas like schools, subway stations, hotels.

And any other places that need battery packs to power the LED lamps when there is a power failure.

So many LED lighting manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and construction companies need the LED emergency conversion kit.

But most of them know little about how to pick the right LED emergency power kit.

Many LED lighting businessmen think it is a complicated product.

They ask their LED lamp supplier to install the emergency power kit for them, which increased their procurement cost.

But in this blog, I will introduce more about the LED emergency power kit.

The LED emergency power kit has a full power output version and an energy-saving version.

The full power output version means the LED emergency power kit output the same power as the LED light power.

The energy-saving version means the LED emergency driver will power the LED light at a power-saving mode.

Such as if your LED light power is 18W,

the LED emergency driver will power your LED lamp at 5W power when there is an AC power outage.

At this time, many clients may have a doubt:

why it can work at 5W power in emergency mode while the LED light is 18W in fact?

That is a good question.

The full power output emergency kit is different from the energy-saving emergency kit in the wiring diagram.

LED emergency battery backup kit LED emergency battery backup kit

As the above wiring diagram shows:

The full power emergency power kit will power up the LED driver first with 100% full power first, then the LED driver power the LED lighting fixture.

But the energy-saving power kit will power up to the LED board directly, so it works as a LED driver and can output a lower power.

As long as the emergency driver output the same DC voltage as an LED driver, then it can work normally.

That is the reason why we need to know the DC output voltage on the LED driver when we chose the appropriate emergency kit for you.

So when your LED tube or LED bulb needs the emergency battery kit, you need to use the full power version.

As the LED tube and LED bulb have the driver built inside, so the LED emergency driver has to power up the driver first, then the LED driver can have the power to power up the LED tube or bulb.

Unlike the LED tube or LED bulb, the LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED tri-proof light, LED linear light and LED downlight, etc. are have the LED driver outside, so they can use both full emergency power and energy-saving version.

Usually, if your LED light has the driver outside, you will be advised to use an energy-saving LED emergency driver for saving more battery capacity as we all know higher battery capacity will cost more.

Each complete LED emergency battery backup kit main contains an LED emergency driver and a battery pack 2 parts.

Sometimes there needs an outer box to contain the LED emergency driver and battery together for easy installation.

The LED emergency battery pack is essential for the LED emergency kit product.

So what kind of battery should use for your LED emergency kit?

For this question, you can visit our another blog for a detailed explanation:

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?


Then how to find the appropriate LED emergency driver or how to read the emergency driver’s key specifications?

As we said above, the LED bulb and tube will work at full emergency power while the LED light with outside LED drivers can work at energy-saving power in an emergency situation.

So firstly you need to decide which kind of LED emergency driver you’d like to use.

You can simply learn the emergency driver’s type by learning about its wiring diagram.

Secondly, you should check what the LED emergency driver’s output power range is.

Some LED emergency drivers to have fixed emergency power, while some have an emergency power range.

So you need to find out if the emergency power range can meet your requirements or not.

Such as you want a 35w emergency power when there is a main power failure, but the emergency driver can only support 1-12W power, then it can not meet your needs.

Thirdly, you should pay attention to the DC output range on the LED emergency driver.

If the output range is narrow than your LED driver DC output, then this emergency driver may not fit your LED lighting.

Fourthly, you’d better check the maximum current the LED emergency driver can support.


After you find the right appropriate LED emergency driver.

You need to tell your supplier how long the emergency time you desire when there is a power outage.

In most countries’ policy, the emergency time is 90mins at least.

But if the LED emergency light is used for some special purpose, you need to tell your supplier the emergency duration time.

Then your supplier can calculate and provide the best battery pack for you.


And sometimes there is need an outer box to have the LED emergency driver and battery pack installed inside for a special installation environment.

There are the small metal boxes, big metal boxes, aluminum boxes, waterproof box, and explosion-proof boxes, etc.

But the outer box is not a must-have accessory, it all depends on your needs.

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?

As a power source, the battery pack is an essential part of each LED emergency power kit.

But many customers do not know what kind of LED emergency battery pack should choose for their LED lamp.

Some supplier’s driver can work only with a battery type for some reason, which will bring a lot of trouble when you want to change a battery pack in the future.

In the LED emergency industry, the basic is the LED emergency driver can work with all kinds of battery packs.

Here are the Battery packs that mainly used:

  1. Li-ion Battery Pack
  2. Ni-Cd Battery Pack
  3. Ni-Cd Battery Pack
  4. LiFeO4 Battery Pack
Ni-Cd Battery Pack

At the early time of the LED emergency conversion kit industry, we mainly use Ni-Cd battery as the power source.

Because the Ni-Cd battery is very safe from over-charge and over-discharge risk, so no matter how you use it, it will not encounter shortcut risk.

while the Lithium battery has a very short lifetime if you use it inappropriately as it can not be over-charged and over-discharged at all.

However, the Ni-cd battery has it’s drawbacks, that is it has an obvious memory effect.

So here comes a question: what is battery memory effect?

If the battery pack does not discharge to empty in this cycle, then the un-discharged part can not put out electricity in this cycle anymore.

such as if the battery pack left 20% capacity energy which did not discharge this time,  then there is only 80% battery capacity can put out electricity.

Many country’s policies require the LED emergency light should last at least 90 minutes.

But sometimes the city electricity may not cut off for that long, which caused the Ni-Cd battery to get battery memory effect.

And then the LED lamp can not meet 90minutes of emergency time next time.

But we also have way to remove the Ni-Cd battery’s memory effect simply just by discharging the Ni-Cd battery 3-5 times.

Then the battery pack will work normally.

What’s more, a single Ni-Cd battery’s voltage is only 1.2V, while a single Li-ion battery voltage is 3.7V.

If we want to get a 11.1v/12V emergency battery pack, we can only use 3pcs Li-ion battery, but need 10pcs Ni-Cd battery.

Even though a single Li-ion battery is more expensive than a single Ni-Cd battery, but if want to get a high voltage pack, a Ni-Cd battery pack will cost more.

But there are still many customers would like to take Ni-cd battery, the safety is the priority after all.

Ni-MH Battery

And then there comes the Ni-MH battery, which has improved the battery memory effect and based on the Ni-Cd battery pack.

Even the Ni-MH battery pack has a very small battery memory effect also, but we can add a battery control system to protect the battery pack to charge and discharge at some range.

The Ni-MH battery has 1.5-2 times energy density as much as Ni-Cd, which means the same battery energy capacity, the Ni-MH battery will have a smaller size.

The Ni-MH battery can contain the energy for a longer time than the Ni-Cd battery pack.

The Ni-MH battery pack is also safe and will not get explosion even when there is a shortcuit.

And the Ni-MH battery can work as much as 500 full charges and discharge cycles.

What’s more, the Ni-MH battery is much more environmental than the Ni-Cd battery pack.

Li-ion Battery and LeFePO4 battery pack

As mentioned above, the Lithium battery is not good for LED emergency light at the beginning.

Because they are easy to get over-charged and over-discharged, which is not safe for LED emergency kit.

However, Li-ion battery is now popular in the LED emergency industry.

The factories can now add a PCB protection board battery management system to protect the battery pack from over-charged and over-discharged.

And the battery management system is updating always in the LED emergency industry.

So it can inclreasely improve the safety of the Li-ion battery packs.

The biggest advantage of the Li-ion battery is it has a very high energy density, it takes much less space compared to the same energy capacity other battery packs.

And the Li-ion battery has a higher voltage than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery, so the Li-ion battery will cost less than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery.

The Li-ion battery has twice times the energy density than the LiFePO4 battery pack, so the volume of the LiFePO4 is twice as Li-ion battery pack.

So if the LED lamp has limited space for installing the LED emergency packs, we’d better use the Li-ion battery pack as the power source.

It’s just like the Tesla car uses the Li-ion battery pack while bus uses LiFePO4 battery as the power source. Car has a limited space while car has enough room for the battery packs.

But the LeFePO4 battery has its own advantage also, it has a longer life than the Li-ion battery pack.

And LeFePO4 battery pack can stand higher temperature than the Li-ion battery, if the LED lighting working environment has a high temperature, we advise you use the LeFePO4 battery or high temperature battery pack even.

But the Li-ion battery has better performance than the LiFePO4 battery in low-temperature environment.

In minus 20 degrees, the Li-ion battery can discharge 70% energy while the LiFePO4 battery can discharge 54% only.

What’s more, the LeFePO4 battery will not burn when it encounters shortcut also.


According to these information above, we can know that each kind of battery has its own advantage and disadvantage. We can’t refuse a battery for its short backs.

We need to select the battery pack based on our actual needs.



Six quesitons you will be asked when you sourcing the LED emergency battery kit

When you sourcing the best appropriate LED emergency battery kit, there are six questions you need to prepare the answers in advance.

As the supplier will surely ask you this LED lighting information.

Firstly, what is the LED type you want to add an emergency battery power kit?

You should tell the factory whether your LED light is an LED tube, an LED bulb with an LED driver built inside. Or an LED downlight, an LED ceiling light with an LED driver outside.

Why this is important?

Because the supplier needs to know if you need a full output power LED emergency driver or energy-saving driver.

If you do not know the difference between these two types of LED emergency drivers.

Then you can check out our another blog here:

Ultimate Guide: how to choose an appropriate LED emergency power kit?


Secondly, what is the emergency power you want?

Or what power you want your LED light work when there is a main power failure?

The most LED emergency driver has an emergency power range, the emergency power can be adjusted based on your requirement.

But there are fixed LED emergency power drivers for option with a battery pack built together.

Many clients will ask for specific emergency power when they sourcing the LED emergency battery backup kit product.


Thirdly, how long emergency the duration time you want to achieve?

We think you must already have the answer when you decide to buy the LED emergency pack products.

The different LED light project has a different requirement on the emergency duration time.

If the LED emergency light installed incase of government inspection, the emergency time is 90 minutes usually.

If the LED emergency light is installed at a construction site for providing light for workers, then the emergency time may need to 3 hours at least.

Anyway, it all depends on your needs, and you can customize the emergency light duration time.


Fourth, What is the DC output voltage range on the LED driver?

There is always a DC output voltage range displayed on the LED driver.

You should tell your supplier what the LED driver DC output voltage range is.

Getting the DC output voltage range, the LED emergency kit supplier can calculate the LED driver’s current.

Then the supplier can recommend the corresponding LED emergency driver.


Fifth, What is the LED light’s current?

The LED emergency driver has a maximum current limit for the LED light, so it would be much better if you know the light current.

Usually, you can find the current on the LED driver also.


Sixth, What environment will the LED emergency light to be installed?

Some clients will install the LED emergency light in a wet environment, while some clients will install the LED emergency power kit in a high-temperature room.

It is pretty important to know the LED emergency light working environment.

If the LED emergency light close to the wet weather, then you should add a waterproof case to cover the LED emergency driver and battery pack.

If the LED emergency light installed in a high-temperature room, then you should consider using the LiFePO4 battery pack as the power supply or even high-temperature battery packs.


So above we listed all six things we should keep in mind when sourcing the LED emergency battery kit from China, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What should know when using the Li-ion Emergency battery pack

The Li-ion emergency battery pack is widely used for LED emergency lighting in the industry.

There are some things we need to know when choosing the Li-ion battery as the power source.

Will the Li-ion battery be damaged if it is not used for a long period?

The answer is: YES!!

Usually, the factory will charge the new battery pack to 30-40% when shipping out.

Such as a Li-ion emergency battery pack has 2200mah capacity, the battery capacity is 700mah around when shipping out of the factory.

But during the shipment, the battery cell itself will consume energy power, which includes all kinds of battery packs.

And the electronic components on the battery control system PCB board like IC, MOS, electric capacity, electric resistance, etc will consume the battery energy also.

Even though the consumption power is very small, dozens microamp per hour, which do not need to calculate when normal using, but it is not small in the long term.

The 2200mah battery pack with 700mah capacity when shipping out of the factory will drain to empty totally after 1 year if put it aside.

What will happen when the Li-ion emergency battery pack drain to totally empty?

When the Li-ion battery pack leak to totally empty, the separate film in the battery will totally be broken, the electrolyte will empty also.

Then the battery pack can not be motivated to live by charging.

Then many clients may think why not charge the battery pack to 100% full before shipping it out?

Because the full charged battery is a little dangerous during shipping.

So usually we will advise our customers that they do not put the Li-ion battery pack aside for 4-5 months that long without charging the battery.

It will be better to charge the battery pack for every 3-4 months if the battery is still not installed into the LED lighting fixture.

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?