3W 4W 5W 6W LED emergency conversion kit for 1hr 1.5hrs 2hrs 3hrs


LED Lamp Automatic Emergency Device Key features

  1. Built-in a single 3000mah Li-ion battery, compact and convenient.
  2. Adjustable Emergency power: 3W for 3 hrs, 4W for 2 hrs, 5W for 1.5 hrs and 6W for 1 hour.
  3. DC voltage range: 10-80V
  4. Fit for LED light power: 5W-100W
  5. LED light type: LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED tri-proof light, LED down light that all with external LED driver, the maximum current can not over 2.5A


The EFFIET 20D LED Emergency conversion kit Specifications

With built-in a single 18650 Li-ion battery 3000mah, our ET20D HS LED emergency conversion kit can power 5W-100W LED light which use external driver.

LED emergency conversion kit (123)What power LED light can use this LED emergency power kit?

Our this LED emergency kit can power up 5W to 100W power LED light which has a external LED driver.

So it is a perfect LED emergency conversion kit for LED emergency panel light, LED emergency ceiling light, LED emergency down light, LED emergency tri-proof light.

But the maximum current of this LED light can not over 2.5A.

What Emergency power does this LED EMERGENCY CONVERSION KIT CAN GIVE?

The biggest advantage of this unit is it has a switch, with which we can adjust the emergency power between 3W, 4W, 5W and 6W freely.

LED lamp automatic emergency powerIf you adjust the emergency power to 3W, then the LED emergency duration time will last 3 hours.

If you adjust the emergency power to 4W, then the LED emergency duration time will last 2 hours.

If you adjust the emergency power to 5W, then the LED emergency duration time will last 1.5 hours.

If you adjust the emergency power to 6W, then the LED emergency duration time will last 1 hours.

But can i ask 4 hours emergency duration time?

Sure, we will provide a larger capacity battery pack to connect with the LED emergency driver.

But we need to know the larger capacity battery pack will have a larger size.

You’d better make sure there is enough room for installing the LED emergency conversion kit.

Our this ET20D-HS LED emergency power kit has built a 3000mah Li-ion battery inside.

If you decide to extend your LED lighting emergency duration time, then we have to put the battery outside the box and connect the driver by extended line.

What other battery we can offer?

We can offer not only Li-ion batteries, but also Ni-Cd battery and Ni-MH battery. And we use blue film to wrap Li-ion battery, Gray film to wrap Ni-Cd battery and Green film to wrap Ni-MH batteries.

In this ET20D-HS LED emergency power kit, we use the Li-ion battery as the power resource. But we can also provide Ni-Cd battery option or Ni-MH battery option. If we use other battery, then it can not be installed inside the white box, we will put it outside by connecting with a extended wire.


The wiring diagram is provide as the picture shows. The LED emergency power connect to the LED lighting directly, and the LED driver connect to our LED Emergency power kit. And then the LED driver and emergency driver share with the same AC power input.

LED emergency kit wiring diagram

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