Max.15W LED emergency device for max.100W LED Linear Tri-proof Light


Max.15W LED emergency Device Key features

  1. Emergency power: Max. 15W (adjustable)
  2. Emergency duration time: 90mins or 180mins
  3. DC voltage range: 10-80V
  4. Fit for LED light power: 15W-100W
  5. LED light type: LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED tri-proof light, LED down light that all with external LED driver.


The EFFIET 15S LED Emergency Device Specifications

Connect with a Li-ion battery pack, our ET15S LED emergency device kit can power 15W-100W LED light which use external driver work at max. 15W power when there is a main AC power outage for at least 90 minutes or 180 minutes.

What power LED light can use this LED emergency power kit?

Our this LED emergency kit can power up LED light from 15W to 100W power.

It means that any LED light with external driver in this power range all can work with our this emergency driver and battery kit. Such as, 15W LED ceiling light, 48W panel light, 65w down light etc.

Because it has separate LED emergency driver and a battery pack, so it’s better to install to LED emergency kit into a LED lighting fixture, like install it in the LED linear or tri-proof light.

What does the 15w EMERGENCY POWER MEAN?

It means the emergency modules will support the light work at 15W power no mater what power your LED light is when there is a AC power failure.

Such as, if you connect 18W LED panel light with our emergency modules, it will work at 15W power in emergency mode, and it will work at 15W power in emergency mode even when you connect with 50W LED down light also.

The emergency power can be adjusted, so you can decide how much power you want the light to work when there is a AC power failure.

How many emergency duration time you need?

We all know the LED emergency power kit consist of a LED emergency driver, a battery pack and some other spare parts.

The capacity of the battery depends on the emergency power and the emergency duration time you ask for.

So we need to know how long emergency duration time you need to power your LED lighting fixture when in emergency mode. Usually 90mins is minimum standard in most country requirement.

But can i ask a longer emergency duration time?

Sure, you can custom the emergency duration time to any time you need, we need only to provide a larger capacity battery.

However, when it comes to large battery capacity, we need to confirm if there is enough room in the LED lighting fixture for the battery pack.

What other battery we can offer?

We can offer not only Li-ion batteries, but also Ni-Cd battery and Ni-MH battery.

And we use LiFePO4 battery and High temperature battery also.

You can check out the differences between these battery packs from our this blog.

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?


The wiring diagram is provide as the picture shows.

The LED emergency power connect to the LED lighting directly, and the LED driver connect to our LED Emergency power kit.

And then the LED driver and emergency driver share with the same AC power input.

Please tell us your LED lighting information to get the best LED emergency power kit


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