LED Emergency Light Battery Pack


LED emergency light battery pack features

  1. Battery type in the emergency light industry: Li-ion battery pack, Ni-Cd battery pack, Ni-MH battery pack, LiFePO4 battery pack, High-temperature battery pack.
  2. Li-ion battery pack voltage: 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 22.2V
  3. Ni-Cd battery pack voltage: 7.2V, 12V
  4. Ni-MH battery pack voltage: 7.2v, 12V
  5. LiFePO4 battery pack voltage: 6.4V, 12.8V
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The EFFIET LED emergency light battery pack Specifications

The battery pack is a very important part for each complete LED emergency battery backup kit.

In the LED emergency light field, the client can choose any types battery pack as the power source for their LED emergency light.

The battery pack include:

Li-ion battery pack
Ni-Cd battery pack
Ni-MH battery pack
LiFePO4 battery pack
High temperature battery pack


If you do not know much about these batttery packs or do not know the differences between these battery packs, you can check our this blog out.

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?

And The battery pack have different voltage:

  1. Li-ion battery pack include 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 22.2V
  2. Ni-Cd battery pack include 3.6V, 7.2V and 12V
  3. Ni-MH battery pack include 3.6V, 7.2V and 12V
  4. LiFePO4 battery pack include  3.2V, 6.4V and 12.8V

Why we need different voltage battery pack for led emergency light?

Different emergency driver need different battery pack voltage according to different LED lighting power.

A single Li-ion battery is 3.7V voltage, we can use two Li-ion battery by series connection to arrive at 7.4V voltage, and we can get a 11.1V  Li-ion battery pack by 3pcs Li-ion battery.

But why there is a need for a higher battery voltage?

The main reason is that the heavy current is very harmful to the emergency driver and cables.

So we need to decrease the current by raising the battery voltage.

How many emergency duration time you need?

This is a must-ask question when you decide to add a LED emergency power kit to your LED lighting fixture.

The emergency time is depend on the battery capacity.

So you can custom the emergency duration time to any time you need, we need only to provide a larger capacity battery.

We increase the battery capacity by battery parallel connection.

However higher battery capacity will take up much more space, there is may no room for the lighting fixture if the battery pack is too big.

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