LED Emergency Light Test Button Accessory


Key features

  1. LED emergency kit green indicator.
  2. LED emergency power supply kit test button.
  3. LED emergency battery pack connect cable.
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The EFFIET Test Button with Green indicator for LED Emergency Light

The LED Emergency light test button is an important accessory in our field.

The consumer can test if the LED emergency light work properly just by pressing the test button.

Another indespensible accessory is the small green indicator, which will be light on when charging.

It stays at the LED emergency light side showing the LED emergency power supply kit is charing from AC power.

Each unit LED light emergency power kit will comes with the green indicator.

What kind of test button do you have?

We have serveral different test button for options.

This is a widely used test button with green indicator.

LED emergency light test button

This one we call “soft panel test button”

soft panel LED emergency light test button

And there are waterproof test button with integrated indicator.

waterproof power test button

Test button and LED indicator box

Emergency power test button boxWe will send the first version LED emergency test button and indicator by default.

But if you have requirement on the test button, you’d better tell us in advance.

Please tell us your LED lighting information to get the best LED emergency power kit


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    White fire-proof material