Waterproof LED Emergency Box Kit


Key features

  1. Waterproof box size: 230×150×85mm
  2. Waterproof degree: IP65
  3. Used to cover the LED emergency driver and battery packs, whole box can be installed wet places outside.
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The EFFIET Waterproof LED Emergency Power Box kit Specifications

This waterproof case can install our 30W emergency power LED driver and battery pack, which can support 20-200W LED light work in emergency time.

It perfect for high power LED high bay light work in wet conditioned environment.

IP65 Waterproof degree help the emergency coversion kit safe working.

Waterproof emergency box

There are test button and indicator holes at side.

Waterproof LED emergency box

What does the 30w EMERGENCY POWER MEAN?

It means the emergency modules will support the light work at 30W power no mater what power your LED light is when there is a AC power failure.

Such as, if you connect 60W LED panel light with our emergency modules, it will work at 30W power in emergency mode, and it will work at 30W power in emergency mode even when you connect with 150W LED down light also.

The emergency power can be adjusted to a fixed number according to your LED lighting.

In this way, you can save a lot money on the battery packs, so we call this LED emergency solution is an energy-saving solution.

But can i ask 4 hours or longer emergency duration time?

Yes, the emergency duration time can be extended by providing a larger battery pack, as long as the battery pack can be put inside the waterproof emergency box.

What other battery we can offer?

We can offer not only Li-ion batteries, but also Ni-Cd battery and Ni-MH battery. And we use blue film to wrap Li-ion battery, Gray film to wrap Ni-Cd battery and Green film to wrap Ni-MH batteries.

If you want to know more about emergency battery packs, you can read our this blog.

The differences between Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery for LED Emergency Kit?


The LED emergency power kit comes with a waterproof box, which has all cables wired inside well when shipping out of the factory.

When you receive the item, you just need to connect it to your LED light and AC power. It’s very easy to install.

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White fire-proof material